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by Grindesign
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    NEW - Hotline Miami “Choose one & PLAY”

    Visit my deviantART for full version


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HOTLINE MIAMI by promadas
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Hotline Miami by Yura Shwedoff / Store


    Hotline Miami by Yura Shwedoff / Store

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    Its been a while since I’ve done some proper Hotline Miami fan-art.

    So here you go! I spent most of last night and today on this. Started with a Jacket doodle in my moleskine, but I decided to draw Biker when I got to the digital sketches. If there is one thing I love about making 80s artwork, its the colours and effects! If you like this you can also check out my previous Hotline Miami fan-art and one of my original pieces with 80s effects attached to it.

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    Indie Game Posters Featuring: Hotline Miami / The Stanley Parable / Kentucky Route Zero / FTL / Gone Home / Papers Please

    by Andrew Emerson

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    Hotline Miami - Dennis